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Do you remember that very first horse that changed your life? Think back to that extraordinary being with whom you shared your hopes, dreams, laughter and tears. Touched by the spirit of a glorious horse, these cherished memories have inevitably left precious, never-to-be-forgotten hoof prints in your heart and soul. Horsemanship is a lifelong learning process, where egos are cast aside to appreciate the individual nature of the horse and to learn how to work together for success. No matter when your own personal horsemanship journey started, your relationship with these majestic beings has most likely enhanced your existence in memorable and countless ways. Yet, today, statistics show our horse community is dwindling. Urbanization has pushed out equestrians. Property is more expensive than ever before, available pasture space is limited, riding facilities have closed, while others struggle to remain open. The future sure looks grim, but SMCHA is determined to curb this downward trend by preserving the Equestrian Way for our generations of today and tomorrow.

Our 2020 projects include: …expanding our very popular Free Fall Riding Clinic by adding a second Free Riding Clinic in the spring. These clinics offer horsemanship skills, educational information and fun for both adults and youth. Our dedicated SMCHA volunteers work tirelessly to put on these events year after year, but funding is key to offering more of these transformative clinics and shows at an affordable and reasonable price. …presenting our younger generations with local Equestrian 4H and youth programs. Our aim is not only to revive Equestrian 4H in San Mateo County, but to also start an active youth program. We owe our youth a solid foundation on which to build future equestrian advocates and leaders. Let’s pull back the reins on those video games and get our youth back outside! …unifying our diverse equestrian groups while building stronger and more collaborative local equestrian relationships. SMCHA believes we all share a general responsibility to keep traditions alive by donating our time and/or money toward a future where horses and riders thrive.

We cannot reach our goals without YOU! Please help us keep our equestrian tradition alive by donating via check (envelope enclosed) or by going to and clicking “Donate.” Since SMCHA is now a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, your donation is entirely tax-deductible. Any gift large or small is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,
Christine Friis and Jenny Mize
Co-Presidents of the San Mateo County Horsemen’s Association
650 704-2996

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Our Horseperson Of The Year

Due to her tireless dedication to SMCHA, we’ve selected Elizabeth Ouellette for SMCHA’s 2020 Horseperson of the Year!


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